As a young child I was very curious on how life evolved. In later years I explored each opportunity that came my way and looked at them as being gifts of learning on various healing techniques and energy concepts. How energy could be responsible for the many great scientific discoveries, especially how we perceive the world and categorise everything around us by giving it a name, but science has defined this as everything is energy made up of matter.

Many great teachers were introduced to me over the years, as it is said when the student is ready the teacher turns up. However, I found the greatest teachers of all were my parents, who would both make up homemade natural cures from organic material and herbal remedies. These would later be used for the common cold and flu symptoms and for cuts and bruises. As both my parents were very open minded regarding the healing properties of herbs, plants and prayer, this to me as a young child was instilled in my memory and belief system and hence today continues to be expressed in my work as a healer.

My desire to learn more about life developed quite rapidly, hence I focused my energy on all aspects of life that incorporated natural healing techniques. I have devoted my life to this learning and have being able to apply my natural healing abilities, together with the understanding of how universal energy flows through and around every living innate being, object and plant. My continuous lifelong learning skills in science and anatomy with the power of the mind allowed me to develop skills both physically and mentally in order to help bring about change. On a mental level these accepted suggestions can bring about positive changes by enhancing mental imagination and creating expectancy allowing a person to move forward in life. On a physical level it helped me use my holistic and physical therapy knowledge and background in anatomy through hands on skills in the care of muscle and joint related conditions, through reflective thinking in the strategic management of musculoskeletal problems.

As everything is energy as human beings our senses are not made to detect these slow movements of energy. We associate the word energy with high, finer vibrations which consist of colour, light, heat and sound. We cannot see the energetic vibrations involved but we can hear and see what they do and we also assume that they must be there.

By being introduced to Reiki after a family illness, I found my soul connection to its source. Trying to explain the science behind it goes beyond all scientific knowledge and provides a science of its own. I am privileged to be given the ability to see, feel and know that the energy is working through me as a channel, while I am carrying out a treatment. As Reiki works on the individuals mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies and as no two Reiki Treatments are the same, each healing is unique to the persons needs at the time of treatment.

I am a certified Holistic Therapist and Massage Therapist of Bray Institute of Further Education and M.Th. of the Institute of Physical Therapy and Applied Science. I am also a Practitioner of Clinical and Therapeutic Hypnosis, a Reiki & Seichem Master Teacher Healer, a Practitioner of Theta Healing both Basic and Advanced DNA and a Certified Medium.

I offer a wide range of Professional Therapies and Treatments. My Qualifications are ITEC, HETEC and QQI Levels of Training with Occupational First Aid.

- Geraldine

Member of IMTA and IAPT

Irish Massage Therapists Associate

Clean Environment

5+ Years Experience

Caring & Confidential

First Aid Qualified

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