Holistic Massage

Inducing relaxation and increasing range of motion, giving better flexibility.

Physical Therapy

Aims to restore full movement and to reduce or eliminate pain resulting from injury, infirmity or medical conditions.

Reiki Therapy

An ancient tradition that uses universal life energy to support the body’s ability to heal itself.


The practice of mediating communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings.

Healing Through Hands

We strive to ensure that our clients' are well looked after in a relaxing and professional environment knowing that they're receiving the best care possible.

We provide a wide range of services from physical therapy to reflexology to hot stone therapy.

Our aim is to provide the best possible service to every client to ensure that the experience is optimised for their healing.

Holistic Massage & Therapy

The power of healing in massage is the energy that flows through the therapist's hands in touch to refresh, regenerate and revitalise and create balance and equilibrium. Holistic Massage concentrates on relaxing the client promotes healing that is beneficial to all body systems. It is a natural, effective way to treat physical conditions while benefitting the whole body both physiologically and psychologically.

Holistic massage specifically benefits circulation, distributes nutrients and oxygen to tissues and works on the elimination of waste and carbon dioxide from the tissues. The use of a massage medium i.e. carrier oils, creams etc, helps to lubricate and soothe the area being treated. The properties of the chosen oil may also bring benefits to the specific skin type and conditions while the heat will aid in its absorption.


Tera Mai™ Reiki & Seichem (3 Levels)

As a certified Reiki & Seichem Teacher/Master and Healer, we provide two-day workshops in various practices. These workshops are divided into three levels that you can read about below. Please contact us for more information on exact dates and scheduling of workshops.

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Level 1

This level is for self healing. Students become a channel for the Reiki energy and are shown all the hand positions for giving oneself family and friends a full Reiki Treatment providing a solid foundation on which to continue learning.

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Everyone has a natural ability to heal one-self and others. Regardless of ones ability to heal, by learning the fundamentals or basics of reiki it is possible to improve on ones effectiveness.

Reiki is defined as the art of activating and balancing the universal life energy that dwells within every living being, animal and plant.

By undertaking reiki level 1, one acquires the insights and skill to become an effective healer for self, family and friends.

This certified course includes attunements, certificate, course material, manual, lunch and refreshments.

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Level 2

Introduces the first of the sacred Reiki Symbols and the ability to practice Distance/Absentee Healing. Professional Reiki Practitioners should have at least Level 2. The higher the qualification, the more powerful the healing.

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This weekend workshop builds on the expertise already developed in reiki level 1. The additional attunements involved in this workshop will enable you to get greater results in your healing, in addition to qualifying you as a reiki practitioner and introducing the first experience of the reiki sacred symbols.

As one becomes more experienced in reiki, one learns that there are new discoveries of soul awareness.

An example of this is the ability to send distant/absentee healing to a recipient, regardless of time or space, as this healing is just as effective as hands on healing.

This certified course includes attunements, certificate, course material, manual, lunch and refreshments.

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Level 3

This is a Mastership qualification. At this level the student becomes a Reiki Master and is qualified to teach Reiki. A certificate of qualification and a copy of the Lineage of the Practitioner is issued on completion.

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Reiki level 3 is for experienced practitioners who have completed reiki level 1 and reiki level 2 and who may wish to teach reiki to others.

Additional attunements are given at this level which greatly enhance ones healing and physic abilities.

Having completed the course you will be able to run your own reiki share nights if desired.

This certified course includes attunements, certificate, course material, manual, lunch and refreshments.

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Upcoming Workshops

Tera Mai Reiki Level 1 Workshop

Tera Mai Reiki Level 2 Workshop

Tera Mai Reiki Level 3 Workshop

Reiki Share Evenings

Reiki share evenings are held on a regular basis from 7.30 pm to 9.30 p.m and are open to all those who have completed official Reiki training certification. The evening consists of a meditation followed by the giving and receiving of healing. This allows those who have trained in Reiki to gain more experience and practice in the channelling of the Reiki energy and at the same time build up their own energy field to maintain continuous good health. Contribution of €15.

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